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AMS Nursing FAQ’s

What do I need to do, to join AMS Nursing Agency?

Should you have any queries about our services please call us on (02) 9415 8003 or email us at

What does it involve & how long does it take to become a member of AMS?

Not long at all. It depends on whether you have all your personal & business information up to-date. We will email/post an Application Package for you to fill out. All details are inside & you are required to fill in the form & scan/send all the correct required documents. We will contact you & advise you either way, on whether you have completed everything correctly or if we need more information from you. You need to let us know when you are available to work:  days & shifts (AM/PM/ND) & any preferences you have. This should be done on a weekly basis & is the responsibility of the staff member – please send availabilities to

How far do I need to travel for work?

This all depends on the individual. If you drive, you might like to have more options & say that you are willing to travel that bit further. This would give you more choices of shifts within various hospitals. If you don’t have a car, please let the staff co-ordinators know, so that they can place you to the nearest hospital to transport.

What do I wear?

You should wear an AMS Nursing Agency uniform, which will be provided to all RN’s and your ID Badge issued at Interview. If a shift becomes available before you have received your uniform, you should wear clean, professional work attire e.g. dark blue or black trousers, white or blue collared blouse/polo shirt, black covered in footwear & your ID badge. Your uniform should always be freshly laundered. We ask staff to keep a spare outfit with them for unexpected circumstances that may arise.

I have accepted a shift but have no uniform with me, what do I do?

You would need to advise the staff co-ordinator at the time, as they may be able to ring ahead to the hospital & ask if you can be issued with a gown to wear, on arrival.

Why do I need a Time Sheet?

You need a Time Sheet to record all shifts for the week. You are required to get each separate shift signed & dated accordingly. For copies of AMS Nursing Agency Time Sheets, please click here

What if I don’t have a Time Sheet?

Quite often, the hospital will have a spare AMS Time Sheet that they can give you. If they do not have one, please make sure that your name & hours are written in the hospital/nurses diary/day book. You should try & get into the habit of always carrying a spare Time Sheet with you.

Time Sheets must be in by midday of each Monday each week, at the very latest, to make sure that you will be paid by Wednesday the same week. Wages are paid weekly & if your Time Sheet has not been received, you will not be paid until the following week. It is the responsibility of each individual.

How do I get more shifts?

By being a reliable, pleasant & hardworking staff member. This way, hospital staff know who they like & don’t like. Gradually they will be asking for YOU!

Do we get any feedback?

Yes you do. More often than not, the hospitals tell us how you are working on your shifts. A good worker is often complimented, asked to return again & can be booked in advance by the hospital. That’s what all nurses aim for! On the other hand, if they think that you haven’t ‘pulled your weight’ or are ‘too slow’ or do not present well in attitude etc., they won’t ask for you again & your shifts will be limited. You will be informed if this happens, as AMS Nursing Agency aims to always deliver; quality service, value for money using high professional standards created by our staff! YOU.

Information for hospitals

What is required of me on my shift?

Always be well presented (hair tied back if necessary, clean & pressed uniform) & polite. We expect our staff to be professional at the hospitals by showing; a willingness to work to your full capabilities and a good attitude.  You should ask the person in charge if you have any questions at all times. Please don’t use your mobile phone on any shift. You can use your phone when you are on your break or when you have finished & have left the premises.

You will be advised of your shift times & you should arrive at least 10 -15 minutes early if you have not been to that hospital or work place before. This is to allow yourself time for parking, to find the actual Ward or Level you will be working on. to introduce yourself to the in-charge RN and to become familiar on where the Fire Exits, bathroom & stock rooms are etc.

What is expected at the end of my shift?

You are required to leave your shift in a tidy & orderly fashion. All paperwork/reports/charts that need to be signed, finished or filed, should be dealt with before you leave. You should ‘handover’ all relevant information including any incidents that may have occurred. Please remember to get your Time Sheet signed off correctly.