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AMS NURSING AGENCY  has a very strong Maternity business across Private Hospitals in the Sydney metropolitan region. There is an ongoing shortage of midwives in NSW as the following table demonstrates.

Annual births Midwives Births/Midwives
NSW: 100,462 686 146
VIC: 73,969 952 78
QLD: 63,354 537 118
NZ: 58,717 2,938 20
England/Wales: 688,120 20,790 33



With our strong representation across the Private Hospital sector and an ongoing strong demand, we can get you the placements where you would like them.

The Insurance policy taken out by AMS Nursing Agency includes cover for Midwives (delivery as well as postnatal care). We are a friendly agency with a great team of midwives.

To join us you will need:

–   2 years full-time (or equivalent experience) in postnatal /  midwifery
–   At least one year of experience in your chosen speciality
–   Have undertaken a one year new-graduate program at a hospital
–   Show a 100 point identification check
–   Non residents must bring in their original identifying documents and copies of passports and Visa documents
–   Have a current vaccination record
–   Completed a Criminal Record and Working With Children check

There is no fee to join the agency. If you meet these fundamental requirements, please feel free to contact Susan or Jacqui on (02) 9415 8003.